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Florida Jets host USA Ironman Folkstyle Series

By John Lawton, 09/08/18, 4:00PM EDT


Don't miss out, join in and wrestle in this Folkstyle Series

Florida Jets host USA Ironman Folkstyle Series

By John Lawton

The Florida Jets leaders have put together a series of Challenge tournaments with the goal of keeping their youth wrestlers engaged from August thru November when there is usually a scarcity of events in their East Florida Area around Orlando.

They decided to target wrestlers in the Pee Wee through Schoolboy age divisions who are seeking a challenge with terrific competition.

Each Challenge tournament will be held just like a normal bracketed event with placement of the top three in each bracket plus a most Outstanding Wrestler Award for the entire tournament.

The Series will have a point system that award the top three placers with 4 points for first place, 2 points for second place and 1 point for third. The points will be tallied after each event and posted for all to see where they stand.

After the Final Challenge tournament is completed there will be awards for the three overall highest point leaders with 2-foot tall Trophies and a Champion t-shirt with their name and weights on the back.

The tournaments will be held on Sundays rather than Saturdays so that multi-sport athletes get an opportunity to wrestle since typically the other sports are holding events on a Saturday.

The first Challenge tournament was completed on August 26. The turnout was great and competition was keen with multiple state champions and national place winners battling it out with lots of great matches.

Challenge tournament # 2 is scheduled for September 30. Challenge #3 is set for October 21 with the Final Challenge on November 18.

All four Challenge tournaments are being held at the USA Wrestling Southeast Region Training Center in Oviedo, Florida, located at 5707 Dot Com Court, Suite 1061.

According to Steven Price, a Jets club leader and a member of the FAWA Board of Directors, “The Jets main goal is to grow this great sport.”

It looks like they are doing that!